The National Curriculum

The English National Curriculum is being reviewed.  Until  this has been completed along with the necessary public consultation,  the present National Curriculum together with its Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets still applies.

The scheduled date for the introduction new English National  Curriculum is September 2013 – but things are already running very late.

Whether it is the present or new National Curriculum, or if you are not in England,  you can still interpret it creatively.

Planning and Design

Whatever the national curriculum, the key to curriculum design is  to turn national expectation into compelling learning experiences for the children.  It is not just a matter of  covering it all.

Don’t do too much!

Do you remember the skeleton from Chapter 5 of the Primary Curriculum Design Handbook?   There is much more flexibility than we think – and should be even more in the new curriculum.  It is up to us to use that flexibility to design the very best learning experiences for our children.