The Secondary Curriculum Design Handbook

The Secondary Curriculum Design Handbook, written by Brian Male and Mick Waters, will be published in April.   You can order it now on the usual sites.

Schools around the world are struggling to balance the statutory requirements of a national curriculum and the need for students attain good grades in national examinations and qualifications with their desire to provide the wide, engaging and exciting curriculum that they know students need, and which will prepare them for life and work in the 21st Century.  Concerns about standards often lead to a narrowing of the curriculum and whilst many schools have found their own solutions to these dilemmas, many others lack the confidence and the approach to curriculum design that would enable them to resolve what seems like an impossible dilemma.

The book is a practical guide to schools on how to resolve this dilemma and design a curriculum that will engage students’ interest, excite their imaginations, and at the same time provide them with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need in order achieve high standards and live and work successfully in the 21st Century.

Can this really be done?  Buy the book and find out!


Foreword by John Dunford


Chapter 1:  Curriculum Design

Chapter 2:  A twenty-first century curriculum?

Chapter 3: A framework for the curriculum

Chapter 4: The curriculum tree

Chapter 5: The deep roots of learning

Chapter 6: The canopy of leaves

Chapter 7: Building in the competencies

Chapter 8: Making learning irresistible

Chapter 9: Local contexts

Chapter 10: The timetable

Chapter 11: Pathways and gateways

Chapter 12: Assessment and evaluation

Chapter 13: Managing institutional dimensions

Chapter 14: A variety of options

Chapter 15: Postscript – A world-class curriculum