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However, there is already support material for the Primary Curriculum Design Handbook  on the site here.


This is the companion website to the Curriculum Design Handbooks by Brian Male and Mick Waters. The site offers up-to-date information about curriculum design, extension information stemming from the books, and information of general help for curriculum designers. It’s not essential to have read the books to find the website helpful – but, of course, you would benefit greatly if you did read them! You can order them through the usual sites such as Amazon, or from your local bookshop.

There are opportunities here to keep up to date with curriculum development around the world, and also to post your own ideas and share them with others in the “Curriculum Forum”.  If you want support for your school or group of schools go to ‘School Support’.  For more about The Handbook of Curriculum Design go to ‘Publications’ and click on the title.

Do you know why the book covers and the logo feature trees? Read on – and enjoy the site!

Primary Curriculum Design Handbook

To find out more, click on the book.


Secondary Curriculum Design Handbook

The Secondary Design Book will be published in April. You can order it now on Amazon.

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